But not because the show is cancelled, Oprah is moving onto something bigger than her own show. Just ask Bill Clinton who many say would have never won the presidential election had it not been for his surprise appearance on that show. But the Oscar-winning comedienne has been able to hold her own against, pulling in her own unique audience on BET. Tyra Banks A show about service as much as it was celebrity, through The Tyra Show, Tyra used her beauty and brains for good. What Oprah is to the stay-at-home moms of America, Tyra was to the teenagers of America who came home after school and needed a big sister to understand them. Wendy Williams The popular radio DJ has successfully taken her format and gift of gossip to the small screen. Though Vh1 would air her radio show, The Wendy Williams Show has shown the queen of talk radio can also sit down on a couple of comfortable couch chairs and ask questions with the best of them. Montell Williams As a former Marine, and a victim to multiple scoliosis, Williams — an Emmy Award winning talk show host — used his show as a platform to bring awareness to various social issues in an aggressive style.

What was the game show in the late 80s early 90s that involved slime?

Old Hollywood Black Dresses 1: The cut-out shoulder trend made a comeback in modern fashion, as contemporary fashion brands are now offering their own versions of the missing shoulder button-up. The peplum is a great girlie touch on top of a skin-tight dress because it adds structure and volume, also helping slender, petite girls accentuate their waist line for a more curvy body look. Like Pucci, her abstract floral prints are unmistakable and intended for girls of bold personalities.

1. Oprah Winfrey Initially The Oprah Winfrey Show was just another talk show when it debuted in But what made it stand out and rise above the rest was the show’s host. Now The Oprah.

Reportedly, the Rocky star was accused of sexual assault by a year-old girl back when he was filming a movie in Las Vegas in the late ’80s. This shocking accusation has come to light thanks to a police report obtained by DailyMail. It’s said the industry vet was years-old when a teenage female revealed to the Vegas police department that Stallone had “intimated” her into having sex with him and his bodyguard Michael “Mike” De Luca.

Per the woman’s accusation, the incident took place at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel in July In the report, the teenager claims she had sex with Syl and that he encouraged his body man to join them. Despite feeling “very uncomfortable” with the situation, the young woman stayed as she felt she had “no choice. While De Luca had sex with the teen, it’s said Stallone received oral sex from the young woman.

To make matters worse, after the incident, Stallone allegedly threatened the teen that “they would have to beat her head in” if she told anyone about their encounter. Ultimately, the woman chose not to press charges as she was “humiliated and ashamed,” on top of being “scared. Speech Man, oh man.

I am looking for a TV show from the 80’s that involved two cops that were married.

Share November 19, at 9: A glimpse of Filipino culture as the cult favorite Cooltura returns for a new season, with Hessa Isabelle as a new host. Pinoy fantasy will once again learn the lesson for bedtime stories as Tasya Fantasya returns to Philippine television, featuring the well-loved fairytales, legends, myths, fables, folktales and enchanting stories of magic and adventure with a new story. The series will be directed himself for the first time as a film director.

Mar 17,  · His dating chronicles were the basis of a VH1 reality show in and he’s experienced a bit of a career revival ever since, landing several spots on popular TV shows. These ’80s .

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Let’s try your email address again! Big hair, boxy shoulder pads, and power suits had nothing on the big, powerful, and melodramatically potent perfumes that made a grand entrance long before their wearers. People were actually having sex on a lower deck. A slightly later advertisement showed a naked couple facing each other on a swing, their groins pressed together.

It probably helped that the perfume itself smelled like the lid had blasted off an economy-size bottle of baby powder and heavily dusted the person wearing it. It was a scent that elbowed its way into a room, monopolized the conversation, and maybe charmingly overstayed its welcome. It could be deliciously intoxicating and nauseatingly headache-inducing.

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Memorable Television Events From The Eighties Every decade since the fifties had a few events that were best portrayed on television. The eighties were no exception to the fact. I’ve started off with only one item here for the meantime, perhaps with time there will be more, feel free to email me any suggestions you might have! This page currently edited by:

Find this Pin and more on 80s Fashion by Show ’em that you just want to have fun in our Neon Green Ripped T-Shirt! This bright, eye-catching shirt for adults features an style with rows of wide rips in front and on the side. 80s Fashion Online: I Love The 80s T-shirts for Ladies See more Dating tips for women New.

Founded in , VH1 Save The Music was the first organization in existence dedicated to restoring music programs in America’s schools. Learn about the foundation’s Play it Forward campaign in celebration of its 20th anniversary here: It won a Peabody Award in The subject matter remains mostly focused on music and musicians. Diversification[ edit ] In the late s, VH1 continued to get more diverse and teen-based with its music selection, and with that, the network updated its “Big 1” logo.

Various late-night rock shows have been shown on VH1, featuring alternative rock and metal videos from the s and s. Their new videos began being added into VH1’s playlist right away. Around late , VH1 even began to play mainstream rap musicians. Other past trends[ edit ] rockDocs was the title under which VH1 aired various music documentaries , both those produced by VH1 and those produced by third parties.

Such documentary series produced by VH1 include “And Ya’ Don’t Stop”, a five-part series on the history of hip-hop and rap, [24] a four-part series on the history of heavy metal, Heavy: Films produced by other studios have also been aired as rockDocs, including Woodstock , Madonna:

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EDIT Blind Date one of the most popular syndicated dating shows on TV is a show in which a guy and a girl hook up and go around town to see if they are right for each other. They do fun stuff and usally go to eat. Throughout the date, Pop-Up Video-esque wisecracks about the people. Most of the time, the dates are hilariously bad, which makes the show and the pop-ups all the more entertaining and funny! You don’t want to miss that!

You never know how it will go on Blind Date.

Missing male companionship, she has gone out on blind dates and actively sought out partners through dating services and personal ads — an exercise, she says, in “futility and frustration.” Despite these challenges, Pickering, like many seniors, wants to have sex and intimacy in her life.

Share0 We all know that the 80s were not such a good decade for fashion, but they were certainly easy to remember, which is why today we bring you the ten most memorable 80s fashion pictures we came across online. A lot of them, such as peep-toe shoes, Jodhpur pants, and large shoulder pads actually managed to make a comeback! Yet here we are, 30 years later, still making the same old fashion mistakes… 10 Awesome 80s Fashion Pictures 1.

Shoulder Pads Our first in the series of 80s fashion pictures features shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are easily the most memorable of all 80s fashion trends, simply because they were unavoidable to look at when walking down the street. While it is true that a well-tailored jacket or coat needs a bit of support in the shoulder area, shoulder pads are definitely one item where too much is just… too much. When used well, they will help you achieve a smaller-looking waist. However, if your shoulders are naturally on the broad side, careful about wearing anything with shoulder pads.

Mini Skirts This is not necessarily one of the bad 80s fashion trends out there — they made the girls look and feel self-confident and the guys rejoice at the show of skin. Not all of you can pull them off. You do need a pretty good figure to be able to carry a mini skirt well. Also, petite girls should be very careful about wearing this style, since a very short skirt will usually hit a thick part of their thigh and make small girls appear wider than they actually are.

Want more hot 80s fashion pictures?

Ant-Man, the Wasp Should Have Serious Bug-Sized Breathing Issues

Enthusiastic approval or agreement. I edited it because I didn’t know what sort of language you didn’t want on the site. I don’t know how popular the was, but my friends and I used it all the time. Someone is “faced” when a member of the opposing team smashes the ball down and it hits them directly, you guessed it, in the face. It is a moment of complete domination for the offensive player and a moment of complete humiliation for the player who was faced or was the recipient of the “face shot”.

Aug 22,  · Yes, Jessie Nizewitz, 28, a New York model, happily stripped down to her birthday suit for the VH1 show Dating Naked. She was promised that .

Channel Ten’s new dating show. The original version on Channel It screeched about how the format has been a success all over the world from China to the United Kingdom. The format involves 30 women standing behind podiums with a light as suitors are rolled out on to the stage one by one. If they think the dude is a fizzer, they buzz out. Take Me Out was previously tagged as Taken Out, an original dating format developed in Australia and starring James Kerley as the host.

The show was so badly received that it was axed after mere weeks with the remainder of the filmed episodes shunted to the post

Blind Date

Screen Time , We Recommend It’s hard to believe, but the shows you used to race home to watch way before On Demand, let alone streaming are now considered classics. Of course, the advent of Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, and even YouTube make it so much easier to share your favorites with your kids. Remember, even though these shows are old to you, they’re new to kids. There may be some cringeworthy moments and outfits!

Check out our recommendations for wonderful, shareable, and easy-to-find classics. Streaming availability is subject to change, so if you don’t find the show in the listed location, search around and you might find it elsewhere.

TV Shows 70s/80s/90s. Collection by Donna Steger. I love the show I love lucy. And that is a logical question for some mornings. I Love Lucy episode of “Reba”.I think they need Reba and Barbara jean do a spin off where they are both single now and going thru dating menopause empty nest lol Find this Pin and more on TV Shows 70s/80s/90s.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Main article: Tony Clifton Another well-known Kaufman character is Tony Clifton, an absurd, audience-abusing lounge singer who began opening for Kaufman at comedy clubs and eventually even performed concerts on his own around the country. Sometimes it was Kaufman performing as Clifton, sometimes it was his brother Michael or Zmuda.

For a brief time, it was unclear to some that Clifton was not a real person. News programs interviewed Clifton as Kaufman’s opening act, with the mood turning ugly whenever Kaufman’s name came up. Kaufman, Clifton insisted, was attempting to ruin Clifton’s “good name” in order to make money and become famous. As a requirement for Kaufman’s accepting the offer to star on Taxi, he insisted that Clifton be hired for a guest role on the show as if he were a real person, not a character.

Much to Kaufman’s delight, this incident was reported in the local newspapers. At the end of the show, she stood up, took her mask off and revealed to the audience that she was actually comedian Robin Williams in disguise. He invited anyone interested to meet him on the Staten Island Ferry the next morning, where the show continued. He came up with Andy’s Funhouse, based on an old routine he had developed while in junior college.

Famous Women From The 80s – Then & Now

The “Brat Pack” actor turns 50 today but still has those piercing blue eyes and that mischievous smile that earned him heartthrob status in the 80s. It’s no surprise Lowe started his career as a fashion model, and soon after shot to fame in roles in ‘s “Class” and “The Outsiders. Elmo’s Fire” that made him a household name.

Adults who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s are riding a wave of nostalgia that is crashing over just about everything in pop culture. From TV show reboots such as “Magic School Bus,” “The.

The issue sold notably well, and, after a few more tryouts and the addition of Wonder Girl despite her actually intended to be the the original Wonder Woman as a girl, and not a contemporary sidekick and Speedy , became an ongoing series. Nevertheless, it was lighthearted and fun. Eventually, though, it was cancelled in , brought back in , and re-cancelled in Altogether 53 issues were published. Written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by George Perez, this version of the series was the most successful and the most iconic as well as being the version the animated series is most based on.

It brought back Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash, and teamed them up with new characters Cyborg , Raven , and Starfire , along with previously-established character Beast Boy , now renamed Changeling. The series moved into Darker and Edgier territory, and was a trendsetter in that respect; for instance, an early storyline involved them going up against ” Deathstroke the Terminator,” a paid assassin, and being infiltrated by the not-so-innocent Terra.

It was heavily character-based, with lots of conflict, romance, and soul-searching that occasionally slipped into Wangst. This version was not only popular, but often considered DC’s number one title at the time, a rival to the X-Men which they eventually crossed over with , and a major definer of the tropes that came to be recognized as comics’ Bronze Age. However, writer fatigue and removal of the book from newsstands to prop up DC Comics’ direct market line of books led to it collapsing into boredom and fan apathy.

The arrival of a new editor inspired Wolfman to shake up the book, using a subplot involving the mysterious “Wildebeest Society” that went on way too long and didn’t have a very good ending. This coincided with a lot more Executive Meddling with Wolfman having to introduce various characters he didn’t have interest in actually using, such as Impulse from The Flash and the early ’90s Supergirl.

34 Toys You’ll Totally Remember If You Were A Kid In The ’80s

So, this is like a study in 80s slang. I mean, like, the way people talked in the 80s — like, the phrases they used. In the Valley — the San Fernando Valley, where, like the girls talked a certain way, ya know? Seriously, what defined 80s slang? What phrases mark the uniquely 80s way of speaking? This was an era long before emoticons and text-speak — LOL.

The show was a massive hit when it first aired, so it’s not surprising that nostalgia is bringing it back – but it seems like we’re in a hot spot with 80s television dramas right now.

The show was created by Donald P. Bellisario and lasted four seasons. The series ran for 55 episodes on CBS in the United States in through , and an additional 24 episodes, with a new production company, aired on the USA Network in , for a total of 79 episodes. The program centers on a high-tech military helicopter, code named Airwolf, and its crew as they undertake various missions, many involving espionage, with a Cold War theme. What makes this different is that most, if not all, of its episodes involves aircraft at some stage in the story.

The four seasons of “Airwolf” feature the main characters getting mixed up in all kinds of drama that eventually needs the Airwolf helicopter to help. The show followed in the footsteps of action adventure outings like “Knight Rider”, “Street Hawk”, and numerous others that had an advanced machine as the focal point of the show. Airwolf was a helicopter that could reach mach one and take on just about anything in the air, including jet fighters and missiles, and threatened to destabilize the balance of power in terms of air superiority.

The main hero of the story was a fellow by the name of Stringfellow Hawke Jan Michael Vincent , a former operative that has retired to a secluded mountain cabin after losing his confidence in a government gone bad. Having seen far too many episodes where his organization sold people out, betrayed their mandate and otherwise acted in dishonorable ways, Hawke initially refuses to participate in regaining Airwolf from the “other” bad guys but soon finds himself in an ethical dilemma where only he can save the day.

He does, aided by his best friend in the world, Dominic Santini Ernest Borgnine , a friend of his fathers and the only person he feels he can trust in a world gone bad. Led by Michael “Archangel” Coldsmith-Briggs III Alex Cord , the Firm plays hardball to the point where it steals Hawke’s prized art collection seemingly acquired while he was still an active operative, likely by the same methods he now despises as leverage in regaining their aircraft.

Needless to say, as skilled an operative as Hawke was trained far too well to give in so easily and he eventually cuts a deal with Archangel that keeps Airwolf in his hands while the Firm searches for Hawke’s brother. The most common theme in the first season’s episodes was someone trying to steal Airwolf, including the government, and the uneasy truce between Hawke and Archangel was often tested as the loyalty of each became clear neither was a saint but each seemed to follow a set path of duty to what they believed in.

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