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Radiation keeps reaching higher and higher levels under Daiichi reactor 2. This indicates that the nuclear material is out of containment and is fissioning somewhere underground. It will never be located let alone contained.

What happened at Fukushima (as of March 12, ) The following is a summary of the main facts. The earthquake that hit Japan was several times more powerful than the worst earthquake the nuclear power plant was built for (the Richter scale works logarithmically; for example the difference between an and the that happened is 5 times.

However, there has been a steady stream of news articles reporting on problems associated with the work so far. They are simply adding to the sense of despair and distrust that has hung over the clean-up operation since the disaster occurred at the site more than three years ago. However, a closer look at the technology inspires hope. Strong foundations Artificial ground freezing AGF is not as crazy as it might sound. It is a technique that has been used in civil engineering for more than a century.

Invented by German engineer FH Poetsch in the s for use in the mining industry, the principle of the process has not changed since then. The ice binds the rock and soil grains together in a sheet up to several metres thick, while also preventing the movement of unfrozen water through the ground. At Fukushima, they will insert 1, pipes that go 33 metres deep. In the last month pipes have been put in place, and testing has begun.

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March 8, at 7: She now lives in America where her husband is considered to be one of the best baseball players of the modern era. Fukushima loves dogs and has an adorable pup of her own named Ikkyu. She donates to meaningful causes and tries to help those less fortunate. Read on to find more about this pretty and determined lady from Japan. It is not easy to be married to a baseball player who is considered by many to be the best hitter in the league today.

A series of studies on people living in Yangjiang’s highest areas of natural background radiation dating back to indicated the mortality of residents from cancer was at or lower than that of residents in control groups living in areas with average exposure.

Now pharmacologists have found the telltale signature in California wine made at the time. Those tests released vast quantities of radioactive material into the air and triggered fears that the nuclear reactions could ignite deuterium in the oceans, thereby destroying the planet in a catastrophic accidental fireball. Atmospheric tests ended in , when China finished its program, but the process has left a long-lasting nuclear signature on the planet.

One of the most obvious signatures is cesium , a radioactive by-product of the fission of uranium After release into the atmosphere, cesium was swept around the world and found its way into the food supply in trace quantities. Such an addition is rarely welcomed. But in , the French pharmacologist Philippe Hubert discovered that he could use this signature to date wines without opening the bottles.

The technique immediately became a useful weapon in the fight against wine fraud—labeling young wines as older vintages to inflate their price. Such fraud can be spotted by various types of chemical and isotope analysis—but only after the wine has been opened, which destroys its value. Cesium , on the other hand, allows noninvasive testing because it is radioactive.

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The depth of the earthquake, which struck at 2. Details of any damage are yet to emerge, and no tsunami warning has yet been issued. A tsunami sparked by an earthquake in the Pacific hit the nuclear plant in Fukushima in causing a major disaster – with the water disabling the emergency generators required to cool the reactors at the plant after they had automatically shut down.

The 73 sievert metric is mentioned in reports dating back to — I’m not sure when or how Tepco measured it, but implying this is a sudden leap in radiation output is simply inaccurate.

Download video Download transcript A sequence of global ocean circulation models, with horizontal mesh sizes of 0. The simulations do not include any data assimilation, and thus, do not account for the actual state of the local ocean currents during the release of highly contaminated water from the damaged plants in March—April The total peak radioactivity levels would then still be about twice the pre-Fukushima values.

Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author s and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI. Introduction As a consequence of the magnitude 9. A substantial part of the Cs input is expected to be carried away by the swift near-coastal currents http: The dispersal by ocean currents was identified as a main mechanism determining the observed distribution of the Cs concentrations in the surface waters of the North Pacific in the s: From an oceanographic point of view the main difference between the s’ weapon tests fallout and the recent discharge of artificial radionuclides off Japan are the spatial and temporal characteristics of the input.

Although a continued release of radioactivity due to polluted groundwater and river discharge contributed to enhanced concentrations in the coastal waters over several months http: Other studies suggested higher atmospheric deposition values e. Preliminary assessments of the initial oceanic spreading were provided by operational modelling efforts http: The numerical simulations suggested a swift dispersal of both the direct oceanic discharge and the near-coastal atmospheric deposition by the intense fluctuating currents and tidal motions over the continental shelf, with streaks of high tracer concentrations rapidly extending beyond the shelf break.

Simulations with a coupled physical—biogeochemical ocean model broadly indicated two phases in the initial dispersion: While the actual pathways are related to the initial ocean state, their experiments showed relatively little sensitivity of the net export to the open ocean, i.

Tsunami warning issued after earthquake off Fukushima, Japan

The quake hit near Fukushima Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A strong earthquake has hit near the nuclear disaster zone of Fukushima in Japan. The quake, measuring a 5. It is not believed any major damage was caused in the tremor and no tsunami warning has been issued. Fukushima is the capital city of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

In , the region was subject to a natural disaster triggered by a major earthquake which caused a metre tsunami. The tsunami disabled the power supply of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors cauing a nuclear accident on March

“With a sensitivity of the order of Bq/l, this technique allows dating for vintage wines between and , Despite Fukushima’s radioactive cloud increasing radioactive levels in wine, the cesium levels in wine at the height of the nuclear testing period were far higher, so there’s no need to panic.

The government warned about contaminated seafood around Japan, and toxic water, sludge and rubble. More frighteningly, radioactive wild boars marauded Japanese towns and attacked people. In the case of the cabernet, the levels of the radioactive materials doubled. The French research team has in recent years examined wines from around the world, trying to correlate the level of radioactive material with the date the wine grapes were picked.

Wines made around major nuclear events, including American and Soviet nuclear tests during the Cold War and the Chernobyl accident, should show higher levels of radioactive isotopes, called cesium , according to the researchers. The man-made isotope cannot be found in nature and would be present only at certain levels after the nuclear events. This method of analysis, Mr. Pravikoff said, has become a way of verifying the authenticity of wine as fraud continues to be a persistent and lucrative crime.

Wine with cesium cannot have existed before the mid th century, and certain nuclear events would leave unique signatures based on time and proximity to the grapes. Ingesting cesium can result in an elevated risk for cancer, but the level of radioactive material from Fukushima in food and drink in countries outside Japan has been too low to result in a health hazard, according to the World Health Organization. While the earthquake and tsunami killed an estimated 16, people in the Fukushima area and across Japan and more than , fled the area around the plant, nobody was believed to have been sickened or killed by the radiation as most of the fallout was swept out to sea.

Trace amounts of isotope from Fukushima disaster found in California wine

Economy[ edit ] The coastal region traditionally specializes in fishing and seafood industries, and is notable for its electric and particularly nuclear power-generating industry, while the upland regions are more focused on agriculture. Thanks to Fukushima’s climate, various fruits are grown throughout the year. Objects made are usually dishes, vases and writing utensils. The Adachigahara plain lies close to the city of Fukushima.

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Fukushima disaster leaves trace on Californian wines 20th July, by Lauren Eads Researchers at Bordeaux University have traced the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster to the Californian wine industry, identifying a trace spike in radiation levels in wines from the vintage onward, which nevertheless remain within a normal threshold.

The same is true of the wine industry. The idea was then to see if, as was the case in Europe following the Chernobyl accident, if we could detect a variation in the cesium level in these wines. Consequently, a typical bottle of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon doubled its cesium activity from about 7. In a bottle of wine could expect to have had levels of cesium hundreds of times the amount found now, due to the level of atomic testing taking place at the time.

Consequently, any bottle of wine from the vintage onwards although some argue will contain trace levels of cesium , making a radioactivity test capable of weeding out fraudulent wines. See below for a full statement from the California Wine Institute.

36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

It is the third largest prefecture in Japan, following Hokkaido and Iwate, with a total area of 13, Fukushima City, the prefectural capital, is located about km from Tokyo, or 90 minutes by the Shinkansen bullet train operated by JR Japan Railways Tohoku. The population of the capital is less than , Koriyama City, the commercial center of Fukushima prefecture, boasts the 2nd highest annual sales of commercial products in the Tohoku region.

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The water is seen rushing out to sea at Port of Onahama. NHK said back-wash has been reported at the port, as the sea level decreases for the approach of a tsunami. The second and third waves of the tsunami were likely to be higher than the first wave, NHK reported. Tsunami waves may reach their maximum height a few hours or more after the initial wave. Evacuation orders issued Long lines of cars have formed as coastal residents follow government orders to flee to higher ground or an evacuation building.

NHK is repeatedly telling people in coastal areas of the Fukushima prefecture to evacuate to higher ground immediately. If there is no higher ground around you, please go up higher buildings, and please evacuate the seaside. Please inform your neighbours,” NHK said. Announcer repeating warning to those on Fukushima coast: Drop what you’re doing, and run away! There were no immediate reports of damage or injury. A spokeswoman for Tokyo Electric Power, known as Tepco, said the cooling system for a storage pool for spent nuclear fuel at reactor at its Fukushima Daini Plant had been halted, but a spokesman said the cooling system had restarted soon after.

No other damage from the quake has been confirmed at any of its power plants, although there have been blackouts in some areas, the spokeswoman added. Only two reactors are operating in Japan, both in the southwest of the country.

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Earlier this week, Tepco, the Japanese company in charge of cleanup operations at Fukushima Daiichi, seemed to be on the verge of announcing rare good news. What the company ultimately discovered, however, is that the amount of radiation pouring off the damaged reactor below the reactor pressure vessel is sieverts per hour, vastly higher than had previously been communicated. Previous measurements of the radiation inside the containment vessel had pointed to an exposure level of 73 sieverts per hour.

The radiation level in the containment vessel of reactor 2 at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 power plant has reached a maximum of sieverts per hour, the highest since the triple core meltdown in.

He studied at a prestigious university, hoping to land a consulting or advertising job. He took a one-year leave from his studies to do business in China, and then Cambodia, immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. Once he left the country, however, he came to feel he wanted to do something for Fukushima Prefecture, where he had grown up and left after high school in search of opportunities and challenges.

At age 26, Matsunaga now runs his own company in Tokyo and does not hide his appetite for venturing abroad. But he is also focused on reviving and selling traditional pottery unique to his hometown of Namie, about 10 km away from the meltdown-riddled Fukushima No. Dating back to the Edo Period , Obori Soma ware was designated as a traditional craft by the government in Namie had a total of 25 pottery operations producing goods mainly for daily use and gifts before the nuclear crisis exploded in March But radioactive fallout from Fukushima No.

This feature is distinctive to Obori Soma pottery, along with a double-layered structure and the painting of a horse running to the left, considered a good omen. Working with the Fukushima Technology Center, a local union of potters from Namie is trying to restore Obori Soma ware. They successfully produced an alternative glaze by blending different materials, keeping the three-century-old tradition barely alive.

So far, around 10 of the 25 potters have resumed operations at different locations in the prefecture.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Fish contaminated by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have been detected 6, miles away of the US west coast. Salmon carrying traces of caesium particles – the so-called fingerprint of the Fukushima – were found by researchers in the seas off Oregon. It is the first time seaborne radiation from the disaster has been detected off the US coast.

Scientists also found the particles in seawater taken from the Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in Oregon. Radiation was pumped into the air and water from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant Image: Reuters The levels found were too low to be harmful however, according to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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Faced with a litany of problems, challenges and delays, Tokyo Electric Power Co, operators of the nuclear plant, have spent months working to bring it into a state of cold shutdown and claim to have at last succeeded. Removal of the fuel from the reactors could take another ten years, according to expert estimates, while a full decommissioning profess could also last several decades. Meanwhile, residents will not automatically be allowed to return, as the region has been earmarked for a major clean-up, although the government recently confirmed that this may not be able to commence until March next year at the earliest.

In addition to the physical clean up of the area — which will involve painstaking industrial cleansing of all buildings and removal of topsoil — there are continued concerns in relation to food safety across the country. While Japanese food produce was once synonymous with safety and high quality production, a string of food safety scares — from green tea and beef to rice and even baby milk formula — have resulted in a growing sense of distrust among the public for government contamination safety testing.

The next steps for the government? First, they must continue to find the funds to finance the clean up, the reconstruction, the financial support for displaced residents, the health testing of children and the compensation payments for all those affected. Private companies, however, are increasingly tapping into the energy backlash, with a growing number of projects exploring alternative sources such as solar, wind and geothermal — all of which are likely to become increasingly visible in Japan after next year as a growing number of new high-tech eco-communities are reconstructed from the rubble of the March 11 disaster.

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