You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A Belleek ‘Neptune’ trio , , Second black mark period, the cup delicately modelled with shell feet and a coral handle, all items with fine lustre glazes and edged in light green colours; with printed marks underside, diameter 15 cm, and A fine early Belleek clam shell and Griffin comport, , first black mark period, a comport on a coral and shell encrusted base, with a pearl lustre finish and pink tints to some edges; printed mark underside, height Two Belleek seahorse flower holders, , Second black mark period, the pair of part horses with webbed hooves issuing cornucopia and raised upon wavy rectangular bases, in a pearl finish; printed mark underside, height 9 cm, width A Belleek Henshall twig basket , the base with four strand ribbons, the rim with fine detailed flowers, impressed marks to base. The Flower Family Collection. Belleek basket weave porcelain bowl, with impressed mark to base, 14 cm x 14 cm.

Wedgwood Marks

Industry Secrets Revealed to help you succeed. The way I figure it, if these were my thoughts, then other dealers probably think the same thing. This gives us the opportunity to find those rare and expensive Lenox pieces at very low prices. One of the pieces most sought after are the Lenox steins. These may go for top dollars if they have the early marks.

Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty about BCE, by the Eastern Han Dynasty ( BCE) high firing glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, and porcelain manufactured during the Tang Dynasty period (–) was exported to the Islamic world, where it was highly prized.

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Poole Pottery Marks Poole Pottery is based in the town of Poole in Dorset. They produce decorative and ornamental art pottery that has become very collectible. Poole was set up in as Carter and Co. By the early twentieth century, Poole Pottery began to produce more decorative and ornamental pottery intended for display, and since then they have never looked back. Poole have become one of the leading factories producing art pottery alongside their tablewares and this has made them a very collectable factory.

Art pottery manufacturers and designers tend to specialise in different things and in some cases it is novel shapes or surface patterns, in others the emphasis is on glaze effects. In the case of Poole Pottery, from its early days to the present the main thing that makes their art pottery distinctive is the use of hand painted decoration.


Pre-modern wares[ edit ] Lustre decoration was first used as a glass -painting technique. Staining glass vessels with copper and silver pigments was known from around the 3rd century AD, [4] although true lustre technology probably began sometime between the 4th and 8th centuries AD. The reminiscence of shining metal, especially gold, made lustreware especially attractive.

While the production of lusterware continued in the Middle East , it spread to Europe through Al-Andalus.

Just over the border into northern Ireland is Belleek, by which I mean the town famous for its pottery, and we took a tour of the pottery factory and its wares. Belleek Pottery Ltd. is a porcelain.

Marks are incised or cut into the wet clay, impressed with a tool into the wet clay or stamped with a machine and ink on dry clay. Marks may also be created in the mold — and these are the most permanent. Paper labels are the least permanent marks, and many companies used a paper label and another method for marking wares. Debolt’s Dictionary of American Pottery Marks is another good resource for identifying whitewareCeramics that are white or off-white, often high-fired, including vitreous china and ironstone, and usually used for dinnerware or bathroom sets.

Turn of the century and earlier homes had no running water. They used a pitcher and bowl set, a chamber pot, a toothbrush cup and assorted pieces in the bath area.

Other – Belleek

A – F Fine china manufacturers A – F alphabetical listings. The guide gives the reader the essential facts and also tells of the prime movers, the people who started it all and how they got going. For quick links to G – M and N – Z scroll to bottom of the page This section of the guide does not include every small maker that ever existed – just the mid-sized to large makers. We investigate the stories of the lesser known makers in our ‘china chat’ section.

Best way to find the china manufacturer you are looking for Use this convenient search box to find the listing if you know the name or have a pottery mark which you can describe:

The Lenox marks have changed over the years, and the earlier wares command the higher prices. This is no different than Belleek, who have changed not only their mark, but the color of them. Their first Lenox mark was black, while the more current production is green or gold.

Barrel scent jar in Sprigged Stoneware. Pot-pourri was stored in the base. Sprigged Redware Teapot in Low Egyptian shape with crocodile knop, c. Black Basalt Sugar Box and Cover c. Exhibited at the Royal Academy in It is known that he produced a wide range of ceramic bodies, often imitating those of Wedgwood, including creamwares, basalts, stonewares, redwares, Jasperwares and of course blue-printed pearlwares and early experimental porcelains. The collection includes many examples of all of these, dating from between c and , a few of which are shown here.

The collection also includes thousands of shards excavated from the Spode site. The images shown on this page are of a pearlware teacup c.

Other – Belleek

Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China , and it took a long time to reach the modern material. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, on a Chinese definition as high-fired ware.

The wares were already exported to the Islamic world , where they were highly prized.

Belleek, Belleek Collecting, Buying, Selling. On Earthenware in the Belleek stamp changed to “Melvin Ware” probably to distinguish it from the more prestigious Parian China.

German Porcelain in Disguise German porcelain was of high quality and also cheaper than English china. So much so that in in the UK and in the US, laws were passed making it necessary to declare country of origin. The snag was, the threat of war was constantly bubbling and there was such emnity between the Germanic peoples and the English speaking peoples at that time, that the English speaking countries tended to want to avoid German porcelain if possible.

Patriotism was the order of the day remember, by , the world was at war. But in practice, the country of origin law turned out to be in the favour of the German makers sipmly because their produce was generally of such high quality and relatively low comparable prices. Why the German Pottery Markings Archive Shows Many English Looking Marks So, in other words, if people recognised the fine china as obviously German, they might be less inclined to by it, or so the theory went.

German export marks were therefore became less specific, than their equivalent English marks, and therefore more tricky to identify. So therefore English and American retailers and distributers would source their china from Germany but re-label the wares with more English looking marks.


The union did not emerge from a vacuum. North Staffordshire had not been unaffected by the political outbursts of the late 18th century or between the passing of the Combination Acts and there repeal. Massey 22nd November H. Some workers had been imprisoned as a result of action by the employers, and the workers sought financial support from other workers in the area.

| CHRISTMAS Once again the Christmas range does not disappoint with beautiful new additions to the Ornament Collection, new Christmas Luminaires and a new Post Office Lamp to add to the Church Lamp introduced last year, so .

This website will show the various marks used by the Van Briggle Pottery. How to interpret English Registry Marks and Numbers. England lacked registry designation Dating English Registry Marks. Hello and Welcome to my pottery marks blog. Dating years of Porcelain. The figure is made of heavy pottery, not porcelain. Marks on any piece offered as Royal Dux must be examined very carefully. A simple guide to understanding the basics of the marks and dates on the underside of pottery.

Why the marks are important: The General Rules for dating marks. How do I date Beswick backstamps? It can be hard to date pieces of Beswick pottery because many of the same pottery marks on the bottoms of the.

How to Clean Antique Porcelain & Pottery

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